2017 is going to be an exciting year for Equipping. In February, we will be launching LifeClass churchwide, which unites three elements of the Consolidation stage: Pre-encounter, Encounter and Post Encounter. So what is LifeClass? LifeClass is an exciting package of equipping that guides new believers through the foundations of their faith and leads them into a life transforming encounter with Jesus. It does this through nine weeks of personal study, combined with fun and interactive classroom sessions of Bible teaching, and an Encounter Weekend.

The nine weeks of individual daily lessons are as follows: 

  1. Learning from our mistakes
  2. The best deal of your life
  3. The best experience of your life
  4. Life is a battle
  5. Encounter
  6. Discover the secret that will transform your life
  7. Your decisions define you
  8. Nothing less than God’s best
  9. A new beginning

The student is to review one lesson a day, using their LifeClass Student Book, for nine weeks or 63 days. During this period, there will be four classroom processing sessions (LC1, LC2, LC4 and LC5) and an Encounter Weekend (EW) with two sessions on a Saturday and two sessions on a Sunday.

A typical LifeClass course of nine weeks is structured as follows:

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Sessions LC1   LC2   LC3(EW)   LC4   LC5

Here are some things you need to do for the launch:

  1. Order a copy of the LifeClass Student Book from your cell leader. Each book costs $15. Collection of your book will be on the first day of class.

  2. Check out the launch schedule below. Different teams (Adult English, Adult Chinese, Youth) are assigned different dates/venues. You are to attend the four processing sessions together with your cell group.
    Click here for Launch Schedule.

  3. If you want to attend an Encounter at the same time (either you’ve not been to an Encounter or you want a Re-encounter), register online or manually by submitting a Registration Form, available at self-help counters @ Worship Centers.

    For full course details and registration online, please see below:

    LifeClass Courses Details & Schedule Registration Period
    LifeClass For Men (English) Click for Details 07 Jan - 26 Feb
    弟兄生命栽培 (中文班) Click for Details 07 Jan - 26 Feb
    LifeClass For Women (English) Click for Details 07 Jan - 26 Feb
    姐妹生命栽培 (中文班) Click for Details 07 Jan - 26 Feb

  4. LN1728 leaders, please note that besides the four processing sessions, you also need to attend a Re-encounter on 15 & 16 March taught by our Senior Pastors, as indicated in the launch schedule.
    Click here for Launch Schedule.

For further details, feel free to check with your team pastors or email us at or call Suat Yen/Michael at 64249400.

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