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Creation Series    
Armour of God Series    
David and Goliath Series    
Easter Series    
Fruit of the Spirit Series Timothy Club P1-3: Tell the World the Good News FAT Conversation Starters   
    We Are Family – Lesson 3
    Lesson 2 – One For All, All For One!
    We Are Family – Lesson 1
We Are Family – Series Overview
    Music & Media Parent Take Home #3: I Am Part Of God’s Story
    Music & Media Parent Take Home #2 – What’s In Your Story: Jewel or Mud?
  Timothy Club P1-3: Self-Discipline FAT Conversation Starters  Music & Media Parent Take Home #1 – God’s Story Is Everywhere!
(Oct 24/25)

RIO Early Elementary (K1 and K2) 2015 Second Quarter Series

As a family, carry out the weekly Family Bible Study found in Living Life Devotional each Sunday.
Barnabas Club children are encouraged to read SENA which uses similar Bible text for daily devotions as Living Life. This helps to facilitate sharing between parents and children about they have learnt from the same passage of Scripture.



P1-3 Honesty Lessons Parents' Summary


K1&2 SEL Lesson 3 & 4 – Acceptance

K1&2 SEL Lesson 2 – Acceptance

K1&2 SEL Lesson 1 – Acceptance

Ten Commandments Series Part 2  -
- P1-3: FAT Materials - Parents Summary on Prayer Series
Ten Commandments Series Part 1 -
- Timothy Club F.A.T Session – June 2014
- P1-3: Obedience
Adult Moses Series  -
Baby Moses  -
Easter  Self-Control/God's Glory
and Love (K1-2)
Noah's Ark Series Attentiveness

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