What if I told you that the reason for the season is you? This was the message Deputy Senior Pastor Daniel Khong and Pastor Daniel Gan brought to FCBC and all the pre-believing guests that were invited to our Christmas services in 2015.

Banquet of Honour: Walk the Talk

“To walk the talk” was the response Yvette Leong, one of the volunteers at Banquet of Honour, gave when asked why she and her team from the National Institute of Education offered to lend us a helping hand as part of their service-learning project based on appreciation.

School holidays are finally here! If you’re a student, this is probably your favourite time of the year. But before you start letting your hair down, let’s not forget our teachers who have worked very hard to educate and disciple the next generation. For three particular individuals, 2015 is an exceptionally significant year as they’ve been awarded the Most Caring Teacher Award:

Love From The Stars: Star Talk

As Love From The Stars draws nearer, perhaps it’s time to learn more about the stars we’ll soon be seeing in person at the concert.

Hokkien Ministry: An Interview with Pastor Daniel & Patsy Gan

My dear Hokkien members, from just the testimony of Ng Ngian How & Monica, God is telling us, “He cares!”

Hokkien Ministry: Testimony of Hock Lai & Mooi Eng

When I spoke to Tay Hock Lai and Ng Mooi Eng one Saturday afternoon, they were keen to share their testimony of a life-changing encounter they experienced with God after joining the Hokkien Celebration Service for just a few months.

Two members of our Hokkien Celebration Service got married at TOUCHCENTRE last Saturday. What’s so special, you may ask. Well, the bride is 75 years old and the groom is 85 years old.

FCBC's Star Athlete - Lim Wei Wen

In part two of our feature on FCBC’s star athletes – we spoke to Lim Wei Wen, a national fencer who’s currently under Pastor Asher and Wendy Eng’s team.

FCBC's Star Athlete

Did you know: FCBC has our very own national athletes! We took the chance to speak to one of them this past week.

Jubilee Day of Prayer (JDOP) was indeed a historic moment, not just for the Church in Singapore, but for the whole nation.

We’ve all heard of many quotes like this: “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.” But do we take action?

FCBC Wears White

To stand for the natural family and affirm marriage between one man and one woman, members of FCBC together with like-minded religious and community groups wore white once again.

Faith Community Baptist Church ("FCBC") had initiated the judicial review process with the prime motivation being that further to the Minister's decision - See more at:

VISION @ Esplanade Theatre 2015

Professional illusionist duo, Lawrence and Priscilla Khong return to stun audiences with spectacular sets and brand new illusions.

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