Churchwide Prayer & Worship Night

We’re having our Churchwide Prayer & Worship Night on 21 March, 8pm. It is a time for the entire church to come together in unity to pray and worship God. It will be held at Touch Centre and Gateway Theatre.

Touch Centre Gateway Theatre
Cheng Kim Meng & Huey Teng Asher & Wendy Eng
Daniel & Serene Khong Daniel & Patsy Gan
Loke Mun Tai & Alicia Eugene & Dorothy Tan
Patrick & Hilary Pang Roland Lee & Lai Fun
Poh Wee Long & Cristabel  
Richard & Jenny Ong  
Simon & Marilyn Yee  
Wang Guanghan & Melissa  

There will be no cell meetings for this week, so all cell members should attend this prayer meeting instead.

This prayer meeting is bilingual.

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