It Is Time For Revival In Japan

Senior Pastor Nina and I recently had a most fruitful trip in Japan. Our trip began with preaching at FCBC Sendai’s service, where I brought a Father’s Day message entitled “Turning the Hearts of the Children to the Fathers”. I shared that Father’s Day is not a time to admonish fathers on being better fathers. Rather, it is a day to teach children to honour their fathers. Many responded in repentance, acknowledging that they have taken their fathers for granted or even held a grudge against them for their failures.

While in Sendai, we met up with key pastors to discuss how we plan to encourage LoveSingapore churches to plant churches in Japan. We had a wonderful time getting to know them. One of them even shared how the birth of FCBC Sendai is really a miracle, as many churches had tried and failed to rent a good place for worship. They were surprised by how FCBC Sendai was able to rent a prime place in the heart of the city.

Next, we visited FCBC Yokohama, which is located in an even more startling location – right above a centrally-located train station. Once again, this is divine favour. After an exciting time of worship, I brought a message about dreaming a dream for God. We also met many Singaporean Christians, some of whom were from FCBC Singapore! We visited another church in Yokohama that attended our cell conference in the 1990s. On top of conducting services and cells, they also have an active community service programme. God has even given them a soccer field, where they reach out to young people with the help of a professional soccer player from Argentina. Their goal is to win the World Cup for the glory of God one day! Their current Senior Pastor is the son of the previous Senior Pastor, who visited FCBC Singapore in the past. He has a dream that the Christian population in Japan will grow from the present 900,000 to 10 million in the next ten years.

My heart leaps with joy to hear the next generation dreaming a great dream for Japan. It is a sign that God is really moving. The churches in Japan welcome us from Singapore to join them in making this dream a reality. Let’s help them by continuing to pray for Japan and believing that it is time for revival in this wonderful ‘Land of the Rising Son’!

- Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong

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