A Higher Purpose

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus gave us this interesting invitation: “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Wait a minute. Follow Jesus and get what – more work? In this age of busyness, who needs more work? It sounds like Jesus is saying to us, “Follow Me; boy, have I got more work for you!”

Some would reply, “Lord, I’m swamped. I really don’t need additional work to do right now. Would an eskimo need more ice? Thanks, but no thanks!”

If that’s our response, we have missed the point entirely. You see, Jesus is calling us to a higher purpose than our empty trajectories of life. He is asking us to go beyond our chosen occupation as fishermen to our God-given vocation as fishers of men. Get this, that’s our redemptive purpose in life. It’s also why God doesn’t just take us back to heaven immediately upon our conversion.

I want to cheer on those of you who are finishing up your 7th week of 幸福小组 (xing fu xiao zu). What you’re doing is not just more work. In fact, it is to fulfill God’s highest purpose for you. Eternity will reveal the priceless privilege that is ours in our contribution to winning souls, discipling nations and transforming lives.

Well done, FCBC! Let’s keep on keeping on in living for God’s highest purpose in our lives.

- Apostolic Overseer Lawrence Khong

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