All Together

October 7th, 2018 – a date that will live in our hearts and minds for a long time to come. Months of hard work culminated with PraySingapore, where we saw over 30,000 Christians gathered to pray at the National Stadium.

The event filled some people with nostalgia, as they recalled various rallies and harvests that were once held at the National Stadium. Others were filled with awe as they saw what the church gathered looked like. As for me, I was filled with pride.

Earlier that morning, we saw over 1,600 FCBC volunteers fill the place to pray, worship and prepare the stadium for PraySingapore. Young and old, everyone worked together, pushing cartons of goodie bags around, and cleaning individual seats that were dirty. Even after the event ended, our volunteers stayed back to help clear whatever rubbish they saw was left behind.

Aside from that, we had almost 1,200 of our members and their families who participated as couples in the marriage vow renewal segment. We also had more than 6,000 tickets utilised by our church, which brought our total mobilisation to just over 9,000 people. All I can say is that I am so proud of our church.

What makes me really proud isn’t just the number of people we had there. What makes me really proud is how we came together as a family, to serve the larger church family in Singapore. Ultimately, the measure of one’s greatness isn’t the number of servants one has, but rather the number of people one serves.

- Deputy Senior Pastor Daniel Khong

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