Let's Welcome 2019

I can hardly believe it’s already 2019. The past year has really flown by. The new year begins and a new chapter unfolds. As each of you reads my thoughts today, you would already have written a few pages in your individual yearbooks for 2019. For all of us, a new year means new beginnings and fresh starts. But before we can embark on that, we need to let go of the past. We need to free ourselves from the failures and disappointments of 2018 and the past years, and embrace a new and fresh perspective on 2019 and all the wonderful possibilities it holds. I count it an immense privilege to share my personal encouragement on how we can successfully embrace our new year, 2019!

As always, with the new year comes 365 exciting days to mark our destiny. Each one of us now stands at the doorway of our new beginning, ready to inscribe new stories and encounters in the many unwritten pages of our yearbook for 2019. How you decide to fill its pages is entirely up to you. But, I want all of us to remember Apostle Paul’s teaching from Philippians 3:13 – let us forget what lies behind and press on towards our destiny that God had prepared for each of us, even before our lives began.

As each of you takes on 2019, I want you to remember that you can walk with confidence because our Lord and Saviour walks with us.

- Senior Pastor Nina Khong

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