The Pulpit Of The World

In the year 2000, the Lord told me to enter the arts and entertainment arena and claim it for the Kingdom of God. He said this to me clearly, “Do you know that the real pulpit of the world is not found in the church? It is found in television, theatres, movies and concerts. My people have lost the platform to speak to the multitudes. I want you to step into the pulpit of the world.”

This mandate brought forth Gateway Entertainment 18 years ago. Together with Senior Pastor Nina, we have done our best to stand on the pulpit of the world and speak forth God’s truth, even though it cannot be done too explicitly in many cases.

Last weekend, we presented “Celebration of Life” in Bangkok, Thailand. The country’s Christian population is less than 1%. We preached the gospel through the show to about 4,000 people, and I would estimate that about half our audience were pre-believers. Yet, the Lord moved powerfully and a total of 460 people came forward to accept Jesus Christ for the first time. That’s more than 10% of our total audience!

For the first time since the founding of Gateway Entertainment, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Son, I want you to know that you are already standing on the pulpit of this world, speaking to the multitudes.”

My heart was touched by this divine affirmation. All glory to His name!

- Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong

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