The Son Of God Will Rise In Japan

Just got back with Pastor Nina from a nine-day trip in Japan with the LoveSingapore leadership team. We walked the land seeking the Lord for affirmation and direction as we lead the church in Singapore to plant churches in Japan, like we did in Timor Leste some 17 years ago. This initiative is called LoveJapan.

First, we met groups of Japanese pastors and missionaries who believe with all their hearts that there is a new spiritual atmosphere in this Land of the Rising Sun. Since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami eight years ago, many have testified that there is a new level of openness to the Christian faith among the people.

Second, we visited a number of churches started by foreign missionaries who could not preach in Japanese. Yet, they met with great success in winning the younger generation to the Lord.

Third, I saw how God has specially favoured FCBC. Pastor Nina and I visited two key churches that have been greatly impacted by our cell ministry and community service for almost 20 years. TOUCH International has been instrumental in bringing unity among the Kumamoto churches as we served together with them in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake. In addition, we saw how God provided FCBC Japan with facilities for the three churches planted in Sendai, Yokohama and Nagoya through Pastors Caleb and Christina. I discovered from many local pastors that this is almost impossible to do, even for them. I am grateful for the many open doors that God has given to FCBC.

Together with Senior Pastor Daniel, we’re encouraged and believe that now is the time for revival in this great nation. We are in full agreement that we will focus the church’s efforts in planting churches in Japan. Our goal is to plant over 100 churches in this least evangelised country in Asia over the next ten years. It will become the Land of the Rising Son!

Starting next year, get ready to be part of a prayer team, Gideonite team or missions team for the nation of Japan. We claim the promise that God gave FCBC in our earlier days, “Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.” (Psalm 2:8)  

- Apostolic Overseer Lawrence Khong

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