Unity In Conquest

We are entering into a new level of conquest as we mobilise the whole church for this upcoming season of 幸福小组 (xing fu xiao zu). I do expect every cell to run at least one 幸福小组 as this will become FCBC’s key strategy for evangelism in this season. I believe this will rekindle a fresh passion for evangelism and ensure a strong evangelistic culture for my son Daniel, and future generations of FCBC to inherit.

Why is this so crucial? Well, I’ve thought deeply about this strategy and I discovered that the principles behind this are in total harmony with all that I believed in from the beginning of FCBC’s cell church movement.

First, this strategy employs community evangelism, which is the sharing of the power of the gospel through displaying God’s presence in His body or community. This is much more powerful than just personal evangelism.

Second, it uses the power of testimonies of changed lives. This moves the heart, and not just the mind. In fact, the whole 幸福小组 experience focuses on touching hearts through the love and hospitality of the group.

Third, it is the best way to develop disciples. Everyone who participated in the pilot round can attest that their lives have been tested and their priorities challenged. I am confident that anyone who follows us in this strategy will not only find their 12, but be able to teach them how to find their 12, and thereby achieve a team of 144. 

Fourth, I believe that God is raising this strategy at this time for the spiritual renewal of the body of Christ.

Some may ask, “Is this the only way? Can’t I evangelise through other methods?” My answer is no. In FCBC, this is the way for all. Other methods are supplementary in helping us to find new friends to invite to our groups. This is not a denial of other methods of evangelism. However, to move as one, we must share not just a common vision, but a common strategy. It is easy to share a common vision of winning the multitudes. But moving together requires us to share a common strategy. In FCBC, the cell church is our strategy. G12 is our strategy of governing the multitudes. And now, 幸福小 组 is our winning strategy.

Here’s an example. Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) was mightily used by God to win millions of people. There are many ways of presenting the gospel – The Bridge, Roman Road to Salvation, and more. However, everyone in CCC uses the Four Spiritual Laws. As a result, they can train their members to keep reproducing themselves.

So, I challenge every leader in FCBC to give of yourself diligently to become experts in running 幸福小组. Let us endeavour “to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” by committing ourselves to the same strategy as one!

- Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong

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