Consolidator's Training

Registration Period: 14 Sep – 6 Oct 2019

  • Registration may be done online at, or manually by submitting a Registration Form, available at self-help counters @ Worship Centers.
  • Upon successful registration, student will receive a confirmation SMS within a week, please call us at 64249400 or email us at if you have not heard from us. (Confirmation by SMS is only applicable for registration via Info Counters).


  • Student must have completed IE or the former SOL2IE.
  • Student is actively involved in a cell group.

(Those who have completed the former SOL2CT need not attend.)

Completion Requirements

  • Student, upon registration, must make every effort to attend ALL sessions, failing which a student will have to re-register and re-do the full Consolidator’s Training.

Please note that attendance taking will end half an hour after the class starts.

Lesson Lesson Title Date / Day / Time Venue
1 What Is Consolidation 15 Oct, Tue
7.30pm – 10.30pm
Touch Centre
2 How To Consolidate
3 The Consolidation Process – Phone Call And The Visit 22 Oct, Tue
7.30pm – 10.30pm
4 Dealing With Objections And Overcoming Obstacles

You may view your personal equipping status online at

For any enquires pertaining to the course, please call 64249400 or email to

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