Destiny Training Module 2 – The Power of a Vision

Registration Period: 2 Feb – 3 Mar 2019

  1. Registration may be done online at, or manually by submitting a Registration Form, available at self-help counters @ Worship Centers.
  2. Upon successful online registration, the student will receive an automated email confirmation with full course details.
  3. For manual registration, the student will receive a confirmation SMS within a week from submission of completed Registration Form with payment. Please contact us at 64249400 or email us at if you have not heard from us then.
  4. Important Note: Each student needs to obtain a copy of Destiny Training Module Two book entitled “The Power of a Vision” by Ps Cesar Castellanos for this course. Please ensure that you have a copy by the start of the class as it is the basic textbook for this course. Otherwise, you may purchase a copy at S$15/- on the first day of the class.


Student must have completed one of the following combinations:
- DT1 and eEXD
- Former PE/ePE and eEXD
- Former SOL1FN/eSOL1FN

Completion Requirements:

  1. 100% classroom attendance is required.
  2. Student is allowed to miss one session with make-up via online.

Please note that attendance taking will end half an hour after the class starts.

Session Lesson Title Date / Day /Time Venue
1 L1) What is Vision?
L2) The Principle of G12
10 Mar (Sun)
2.30pm – 5.00pm
TC Chapel
2 L3) A Firm Foundation
L4) The Vision of the Government of the Twelve (G12)
17 Mar (Sun)
2.30pm – 5.00pm
3 L5) Forming the Best Team     
L6) Successful Leadership
24 Mar (Sun)
2.30pm – 5.00pm
4 L7) The Art of Winning
L8) Blessing through the Cell Group
7 Apr (Sun)
2.30pm – 5.00pm
5 L9) Ready to Consolidate
10) The Power of the 144
14 Apr (Sun)
2.30pm – 5.00pm

You may view your personal equipping status online at

For any enquires pertaining to the course, please email to or call 64249400 (during office hours).

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