Online English LifeClass (LC1 & LC2) for Adult Teams

Registration Period: 15 December 2020 – 12 January 2021

Class Code: oLC0121E


This course is specially designed to help new believers build a firm foundation in their Christian lives. It also prepares them for a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus.


The topics are:

  1. Learning from our mistakes
  2. The best deal of your life
  3. The best experience of your life
  4. Life is a battle


4 weeks


Students are required to review 1 lesson a day, using their LifeClass Student Book. There will be 2 online classes (LC1 and LC2) to help them review the 4 above-mentioned topics.

Who Should Register

  1. Pre-believers, new believers, or believers who do not have a home church and wish to join FCBC.
  2. FCBC cell members who wish to participate in re-encounter.

Members of other churches should not sign up for this course.

Registration Procedure

  1. Register online at:
  2. Upon successful registration, the student will receive an email confirmation with more details and instructions on the course.

Completion Requirement

  1. The student must complete LC1 before attending LC2. If LC1 is completed through a make-up class, attendance for the make-up class must be submitted before attending LC2.
  2. If the student missed either LC1 or LC2, the Team Pastor or a designated SP12 may make-up for that missed session with the student.
  3. A student is only allowed to have 1 make-up session, either LC1 or LC2.
  4. Make-up attendance can be submitted through the following links:


Free of charge

Class Schedule

Session LC1 LC2
Day Date Time Venue Date Time Venue
Sunday 17 January 2.30pm - 4pm Zoom 31 January 2.30pm - 4pm Zoom

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For further assistance, please email us at:

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