Extreme Discipleship Online (eEXD 0619)

Registration Period: 7 Sep – 6 Oct 2019

  1. Registration may be done online at www.fcbc.org.sg/EquippingRegistration.
  2. Upon successful registration, student will receive an automated email confirmation. Login details including username and password will also be sent via email 3 calendar days before the start date of the course. As such, every student must maintain a valid email address throughout the duration of the course.


Student must have completed LifeClass (LC) or attended the former Encounter Weekend (EW).
(Those who have completed the former SOL1FN/eSOL1FN need not attend.)


This is a fully online course consisting of the first six lessons of FCBC School of Leaders Level One Foundations Online (eSOL1FN). It is based on Apostle Lawrence Khong sermon series on “Extreme Discipleship” which he had preached in our church as well as several G12 conferences.

These lessons explain the Biblical concept of Christian discipleship, which applies to all believers and is much more radical than many of us realize. Understanding and embracing this concept of “extreme discipleship” is foundational to our calling to be extreme disciples of Jesus and be makers of extreme disciples.

Upon completion of this online course, students will understand the teachings on Extreme Discipleship taught by Apostle Lawrence Khong, which is a foundational concept for leadership training and disciple-making in FCBC.

The six online video/audio lessons are:

  1. Extreme Discipleship – Characteristics of an Extreme Disciple
  2. Extreme Discipleship – A Matter of Life & Death
  3. Extreme Discipleship – There is no Neutrality
  4. Extreme Holiness – Called to be Holy
  5. Extreme Holiness – How to be Holy
  6. Extreme Discipline – Its Importance

Structure & Methodology
Online lessons consist of

  1. Online video/audio presentations lessons
  2. Student Assignments (Forum Participation, Q&A)

The student will be able to access the course from the start date of the class for a period of 4 weeks, through the given URL address of the e-learning platform using his/her username and password. This is a fully online course. No face-to-face classroom processing session is conducted.

Completion Requirements
By the end of the course, students are required to:

  1. Review all video/audio presentations
  2. Submit all required student online assignments

Course Schedule

Class Code  Start Date (e-Platform opens) End Date (e-Platform closes)

Sat 12 October 2019

Sun 10 November 2019

For further assistance on the course, please email us at Equip_Admin@fcbc.org.sg or call us at 64249400 (during office hours).

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