Service Resumption

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  • All services at Touch Centre will seat up to 1,400 attendees.
  • The capacity for FCBC Suntec’s English Service will decrease to 500, and open to all individuals, regardless of vaccination status.
  • GKidz’s David Club will take up to 50 children, and tickets are no longer required for accompanying parents.
  Saturday Sunday
2.30pm 5pm 7.30pm 9.30am 11.30am
Touch Centre Hokkien^ Youth^ English - Chinese
FCBC Suntec - - - English + GKidz -

^Hokkien and Youth Services are conducted on alternate Saturdays.

Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS)

On-site services will be a combination of VDS and non-VDS services.

Non-VDS Services:
- Touch Centre 2.30pm Hokkien Service (Saturday)
- FCBC Suntec 9.30am English Service (Sunday)

VDS Services:
- All other services (Participants must be fully vaccinated* for these services)

*Who are Vaccinated Individuals? An individual is considered vaccinated if he/she has been:
a. Fully vaccinated, i.e. has received the appropriate regimen of World Health Organisation Emergency Use Listing vaccines, including their respective duration post-vaccination for the vaccine to be fully effective, and boosters for eligible individuals, or
b. Recovered from COVID-19 in Singapore (with a valid discharge memo).

  • This roster is updated as of 1 May, and subject to further changes if necessary.
Date FCBC Suntec
Sunday 9.30am English*
From 7/8 May Registered GKidz Parents + Filipino Members

*On-site GKidz programme will run concurrently.

  • Tickets are required to attend English and GKidz Services. No tickets are required for Chinese, Hokkien, and Youth Services.
  • Tickets will be made available on Wednesdays, 9pm at
  • A password is required to access tickets. The password will be disseminated through your Pastor-in-charge.
  • Each person can book up to 10 tickets.
  • A confirmation email, with your ticket(s) attached as a PDF, will be sent upon successful registration.
  • To cancel or make changes to your ticket booking, write in to

  • For ticketed services, please present your ticket on your mobile phone or as a print-out.
  • Our staff are stationed at each entrance to assist you with admission*.

Touch Centre

FCBC Suntec

  • Doors will be open 20 to 30 minutes before service. Please be seated on time.
  • Our welcome team will direct you on-site.
*Admission Requirements for On-site Services for Vaccinated Individuals Only

- Please bring along an internet-enabled mobile device with the updated TraceTogether app or a working token.
- Your vaccination status or test result will be verified when you tap your TraceTogether app or token at your assigned entrance. Alternatively, you may use the HealthHub app. We may request for you to show the screen displayed in your app for verification purposes. Screenshots will not be accepted.
- If you recently recovered from COVID-19 or are medically ineligible to get vaccinated, please bring your original discharge or doctor-certified memo. You will also need to present a government-issued identification card for verification purposes.
- SafeEntry check-in will be done individually via your TraceTogether app or token. Children below 7 years old do not need to check-in via SafeEntry.
- Primary-age children (between 7 to 12 years old) must have their Student’s Pass on hand for verification of age.
- Click on the following links for more information:

  1. TraceTogether:
  2. HealthHub:
  3. Conditions for Entry:

  • Offering bags will not be handed out to reduce physical contact.
  • Using your bank’s app, scan the Scan & Pay QR codes that will be shown onscreen.
  • Tithes and offerings can also be done at anytime during the week.

  • Ministry time at the altar will resume with safe management measures in place.
  • Get in touch with us at

  • Masks must be worn at all times, except when drinking water.
  • During worship, please keep your masks on while singing.
  • Do not stay and mingle on the premises after service.
  • Please abide by our safety measures* and follow the instructions of our staff and volunteers at all times.
*Venue Safety Measures- Commonly-shared items such as Bible, stationery, forms, etc will not be provided.
- Touch Centre’s Auditorium will be sanitised and well ventilated for at least 30 minutes before doors open.
- All equipment, seats, and items will be sanitised before and after service.
- Touch Centre’s toilets will be cleaned before, during, and after service.


  • Admission into GKidz service is by ticket only. Tickets are available at*.
  • A password is needed for parents to access tickets for GKidz service. This password will be sent by the GKidz team via email after you have pre-registered at
  • Tickets for the English Service at FCBC Suntec on Sunday can be booked with the same password.
*Information Required when Booking Tickets
- Please select the appropriate ticket category based on your child’s age group:
  1. David Club (18 months - 4 years old)
  2. Timothy Club (Kindergarten 1 - 2)
  3. Timothy & Barnabas Clubs (Primary 1 - 6)

- Provide your child’s full name and age when prompted to do so.
- For David Club, an accompanying parent is allowed to join GKidz service without requiring a David Club ticket.
- If your David Club child has yet to be enrolled with GKidz, please fill in an enrolment form at before arriving for service.


  • The venues for the various age groups are as follows:
    David Club (18 Months - 4 years old) Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Room 330
    Timothy Club (Kindergarten 1 - 2) Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Room 327
    Timothy Club (Primary 1 - 3) Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Room 328
    Barnabas Club (Primary 4 - 6) Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Room 329
  • Upon arrival, you and your child will need to complete the following steps:
    1. Present your child’s ticket on your mobile phone or as a print-out at the entry point.
    2. Have your child’s temperature taken. Children with a temperature of 37.6°C and above will not be admitted.
    3. Children between 18 months to 4 years old will need to complete a Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) check before being admitted.
    4. Scan in attendance using your child’s GKidz Scan Card or Student’s Pass.

During The Service

  • Pre-schoolers will be seated on mats, while primary-age children will be seated on chairs.
  • Offering will be collected, with children taking turns to drop their offering in a bucket placed on a table.
  • Please refer to the “Items To Bring” section for more information on what your children should have with them during the service.
  • Food cannot be consumed at the service venues.


  • Upon picking up your child, please leave the venue promptly without gathering or mingling with GKidz volunteers or other parents.

Safety Measures

  • We require all children 2 years old and above to wear masks at all times, except when drinking water.
  • Please abide by our safety measures* and follow the instructions of our staff and volunteers at all times.
*Venue Safety Measures- The GKidz service venue will be sanitised and well ventilated before the children arrive.
- Items provided by GKidz for children’s use during the service will be sanitised and are for individual use only.
- The floor and sitting mats, seats, equipment, and other items will be sanitised before and after the service.
- Shared items such as toys or books will not be used.

Items To Bring

  • For 18 months - 6 year olds:
    • GKidz Scan Card (if you have one)
    • Water bottle
    • Mask
    • Non-slip socks
    • Stationery (writing materials and colour pencils)
    • Jacket (if needed)
  • For 7 - 12 year olds:
    • Student’s Pass
    • Bible
    • Notebook
    • Water bottle
    • Mask
    • Stationery (writing materials and colour pencils)
    • Jacket (if needed)

This information is accurate as of 6 May 2022.

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