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Teens Xcite: An Interview with Pastor Daniel Khong

So Pastor Daniel, tell us why Teens Xcite is a 'must attend' event for teens? What makes it so special?

Well, Teens Xcite is an exciting new service created by teens just for teens. We've lots of exciting things lined up, but more than that, we've got an intense time of worship combined with the awesome word of God to share with the young generation. That's what makes Teens Xcite special – you're having fun but at the same time, getting a personal and powerful encounter with God as well.

How and why did this celebration service come about?

Teens Xcite came about after 2 years of sowing. Back then, our teens didn't have an identity of their own. They didn't congregate as one body, and the regular church service wasn't engaging them enough. So we started gathering our teens through various programs such as congregational meetings, camps and other events. Slowly but surely, our teens started to strengthen and come together. We then learnt that our conventional ways of engaging them just wasn't enough. They needed more hype, more energy, more excitement, and we concluded that we had to do something different.

What are some of the objectives and goals that FCBC hopes to achieve with Teens Xcite?

Well I really don't see it as an objective or a goal - but does receiving a vision from God count? Just about two weeks before the launch of Teens Xcite, I was having a meeting with my core volunteers which ended with a time of prayer. I remember the Lord's presence filling the room and I started crying out to the Lord to let us all see through His eyes. Right there and then, I had a vision where The Lord showed me TCT's auditorium flooded with a bright light and completely packed with teens with hundreds more streaming in from the doors! (Teens Xcite is now held at FCBC Suntec at 3.30pm on Saturdays. TOUCH Community Theatre is currently closed for rebuilding.) I was then led to make a prophetic declaration where I claimed that Teens Xcite would grow 10 times by the end of 2011.

Following the meeting, "uh-oh" pretty much summed up my immediate reaction to the statement I made. You see, I was a little fearful as I had no idea how to grow our teen congregation to 6000-strong by the end of next year. Well, the Lord encouraged me and told me that if I want to see what I've never seen before, I would have to do what I've never done before, and expect the unexpected.

So, I believe that next year is going to be a year of His power, and we are going to see what we've never seen before!

The first Teens Xcite service on 6 Nov drew an impressive crowd of over 1000 teens. What were some of your thoughts going through your mind as you stood on the stage and addressed them for the first time?

I remember being really nervous on that day. I couldn't sleep the night before as I kept thinking how service would turn out. I remember right before the start of the service I peeked out and saw lobby area of TCT was filled with teens queuing up to get in! When the doors finally opened, the crowd started to pack the auditorium until there weren't enough seats to accommodate all of them! A large number of them ended up sitting on the floor, in the aisles or wherever they could find a sitting space. I was really pleasantly surprised as I was only expecting a turnout of about 400 – 500 people.

When I got up on the platform to bring the word of God, I spent a good minute looking around at everyone in the auditorium and I had only one thought in my mind: "God, this will be your mighty army".

Finally, tells us what some of the teens have been saying about Teens Xcite. Any interesting or quirky ones to share?

We've received tons of good and encouraging feedback from all over, but below are some memorable ones that made me smile:
"Can't believe the intensity of 'Xcitement' we are gonna experience EVERY Saturday!! WE WANT MORRRRRRRE!!!"

– Bjorn

"I have a question: Will be enough space next week?"

– Weiping

"God is in the house - there is no doubt!"

– Ben


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