Zeo in Greek is to be fervent in spirit, said of zeal for what is good. In line with the FCBC YouthNet Vision, we believe that this Greek word encapsulates what God has planned for the post-secondary (JC/Poly/ITE/NSF) youths in FCBC. In this Zeo-Generation, we believe that God has placed us in our respective institutions and camps for His purpose. Therefore, we will rise up as a generation to fervently bring God’s kingdom into their schools and camps. We are zealous and passionate in applying the blood of Jesus, bringing transformation to every land we step into.

We are a vibrant community, edifying, equipping and encouraging one another to serve God with every ounce of passion within our soul. Together as a united generation, we will pray in faith to see His presence and power permeating every school and camp, every area and every person that we touch. We know that ZeoGen will be God’s burning star in the midst of darkness, shining and radiating God’s love to a broken world desperately in need of it. We will make the difference, together. We are God’s ZeoGen.

Calendar of Events

Date Events
5 May TXZG Combine Youth Gathering
11 - 12 June GENERATION GO
30 June TXZG Combine Youth Gathering (YOUTH DAY)
21 July Leaders equipping and Youth Hosts Training
4 August Sportify
21 September  Poly Congre
28 -30 September LC 3 (Encounter)
29 September TXZG Combine Youth Gathering
26 October JC Congre
27 October TXZG Combine Youth Gathering (Spook Out)
24 November TXZG Combine Youth Gathering
27 November - 13 December WWJD
15 - 18 December ZEOGEN CAMP
22 December TXZG Combine Youth Gathering Christmas

Calling all passionate and creative TXZG Youths who want to make a difference in your generation! Complete this form and select your areas of interest!

Calling for FCBC post-secondary (JC/Poly/ITE/NSF) youths, please drop us a note at ZeoGen@fcbc.org.sg. We want to connect you with other FCBC youths from your school and camp.

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