Our team of 11 set off on 6 June (Day 1) to Timor Leste, excited to see what God wants to do in us and through us.

A diverse team, with one heart and spirit – to bring the Lord’s glory into the land of Timor Leste.

After much preparation, we were all ready to set off for Timor Leste. We were looking forward to meet the locals, especially the children. Esther Seah and Chua Yong Wee came to pray for the team and send us off.

Five of us took an early flight with Delta airline. We landed at Narita airport at 2.20 pm and took a train to Yokohama station with the JR pass.

We set off for Yokohama on Saturday morning, 22 July, and arrived in Narita at 4pm, Japan time.

We departed from Changi Airport Terminal 3. This was my first LoveJapan trip as a team leader with my members.

We arrived at Haneda International Airport and checked into Hotel MyStays. We first visited FCBC Yokohama and met with Pastor David from Kesennuma, Rose (interpreter), Shizuko-san and Ryutaru-san (Japanese couple), and Yee Hoon (Singaporean). Pastor Caleb shared about how God divinely provided the new church premise through the help of Esther, a Singaporean working in Yokohama.

In September 2017, a group of 15 people went to Timor Leste on a medical mission trip. The group consisted of 3 doctors , 2 nurses, a physiotherapist and 9 fun-loving volunteers. This was the biggest medical mission team sent to Timor Leste to date, with the most number of healthcare professionals.

After weeks of planning and preparation for the trip, we were ready to set off for Timor Leste! Pastor Mun Tai and many of our friends came to the airport to send us off with prayers!

Before setting off for Timor Leste, the team gathered for 4 bonding sessions, during which we got to know each other better and planned for programmes to be organised for the Timorese children and youths.

At the invitation of Bishop Jonathan Sebastian and Senior Pastor Vicky Sebastian, Pastors Simon and Marilyn led a team of three couples from FCBC to conduct a special Marriage Enrichment Programme (MEP) over Valentine’s Day at JCSGO church in Quezon City, Philippines.

We arrived in Dili in a few hours and were warmly greeted by Pastor Catherine and Denise.

21 to 25 November 2016

Head of trip: Pastor Simon and Pastor Marilyn
Members: Chun Han and Serene, Sam and Lisa, Eadwine and Jen

The September 2016 medical team consists of 7 members, of which 4 of us are doctors.

Curious what made her take that step of faith and decide to become a Gideonite mission leader? Let’s hear from her!

Day 1

We spent the day acclimatising to this new country by visiting Timor Plaza to get some snacks and essentials. After that, our local guide Pastor Catherine Foo brought us to the Transformation Alliance’s headquarters to take a look. We concluded the day with a scrumptious dinner at New Restaurant 88 with Dr Stephen and Dr Jong Jong, and had a good night’s rest at Hotel Cormella. 

At Transformation Alliance’s headquarters

Our team of 13 left Singapore with bags loaded with medical supplies to be used at the clinics.

Prior to the trip, the team had about five team-building and planning sessions. At last, we were set to go, with 102kgs of stationery!


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