G12 Conference, Philippines (2013)

For two days, Team FCBC, led by Senior Pastor Nina Khong, breathed and soaked in the exhilaration, awesomeness and of course, God’s power that headlined the 7th annual G12 Philippines Conference.

For two days, we bore witness to the incredible joy and passion of each delegate in proclaiming and living the G12 Vision. The attendance at this year’s Conference was overwhelming, with over 40,000 delegates packing the hall - making it the largest G12 Philippines Conference ever. And for the first time, the Conference had to be split into two sessions to accommodate the delegates comfortably. 

The main conference was packed not only with pastors, leaders and members of the G12 churches in Philippines, but also an equal number of pre-believers. Each delegate was challenged to bring a pre-believing friend and bless them with the good news of God’s love. The result? An electrifying atmosphere that showed the delegates’ spirit of winning and honouring the Lord of the Harvest. Every moment bore testament to this nations’ deep desire and passion to establish God’s kingdom and serve the Filipino community. Hundreds flocked to the ministry situations and altar calls, and you could feel the Holy Spirit’s breath sweeping through every session of the Conference.  

The Singapore Team, led by Senior Pastor Nina, with Pastor Simon and Marilyn Yee, and Pastor Loke Mun Tai and Alicia were really blessed and well taken care of by our gracious hosts who together with Bishop Oriel and Pastor Geraldine spared no effort to make our stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Besides the familiar speakers, including Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos, Bishop Oriel Ballano, Pastor Rich Witmer, Pastor Bert Pretorius and Pastor Art Sepulveda, we were also very blessed to have our Senior Pastor Nina and Bishop Flynn Johnson minister to the delegates as special speakers at the Conference. Senior Pastor Nina delivered a powerful message on the “Breath of Life” that was a prophetic word releasing God’s breath of life into the people to challenge them to rise up to the destiny that God has ordained for them.

Pastor Rich’s message on “Embracing the Grind” was enjoyable and helpful as he shared practical tips on managing our own physical, emotional and spiritual lives to better serve God and others. We also gleaned useful knowledge from Pastor Bert’s message on learning to focus on God and His promises.

Senior Pastor Nina with Pastor Kuna (left), Pastor Geraldine (top), Pastor Zhaleen (bottom)

For us, there wasn’t a single dull moment throughout the Conference and the vibrant anointed worship sessions led by the local band kept us on our feet as we sang and danced before the Lord. I believe the speakers were also encouraged by the vibrant participation and energy of the congregation, which got them even more ‘fired up’ while sharing God’s mighty word!

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