International G12 Conference, Colombia (2014)

by Pastor Patrick Pang

Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos, founders of the G12 Vision, hosted the annual G12 International Conference 2014 in Bogota, Colombia. The theme for the 2014 Conference was "The Awakening". Senior Pastors Lawrence and Nina Khong, Pastors Daniel and Serene Khong, along with seven other pastors and ministry staff attended the Conference. 

(Top left to right: Charmaine Cheong, Pastor Wendy Eng, Pastor Serene Khong, Pastor Daniel Khong, Pastor Cheong Pui Leng
Bottom left to right: Pastor Patrick Pang, Pastor Hilary Pang, Senior Pastor Nina Khong, Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong, Pastor Cheng Kim Meng, Pastor Cheng Huey Teng)

"The Awakening" was a powerful and apt theme for the Conference as many churches worldwide sensed that 2014 is going to be a year where God will pour out His spirit and awaken the hearts of His people – to bring His Kingdom to earth. 

Highlights at the Conference include Pastor Claudia Castellanos' sharing of a powerful message on how we must do what is important, rather than urgent. She urged us to spend time praying for our lives, our ministry and our nation. She ended by inviting all pastors to intercede and repent for their nations, to see God's kingdom come upon their nations.  

Also sharing at the Conference was the Grand Rabbi of Colombia and Israeli Ambassador to Colombia, as the Conference paid tribute to the nation of Israel. It culminated with pastors from the different nations praying blessings for Israel. Indeed, there was a powerful awakening in the spiritual climate when representatives from the nations united in blessing God's beloved nation – Israel.  

(Left to right: Israeli Ambassador to Colombia, Grand Rabbi of Colombia, Pastor Claudia Castellanos, Pastor Cesar Castellanos)

Others who were invited by Pastor Cesar Castellanos to share include international delegates who shared on how and why they chose to follow the G12 Vision. Senior Pastor Lawrence was one of them. It was most inspiring to hear about their commitment and faithfulness to the G12 Vision.

(Left to right: Pastor Cesar Castellanos, Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong, Pastor Andrew Catano)

One of the guest speakers was Pastor Steven Furtick, Senior Pastor of Elevation Church, who brought forth a powerful message on trusting God in transition. He used Elisha's story to encourage the Conference to bring about a change in this world by "crossing over" to God's Destiny and to keep serving Him wholeheartedly. 

(Left to right: Pastor Cesar Castellanos, Pastor Steven Furtick)

Senior Pastor Lawrence was also invited to speak to the Koreans delegates and preach to members of Mission Charismatic International Church (Misión Carismática Internacional), the home church of Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos and the G12 Vision.

Senior Pastor Lawrence released a powerful message on "Fulfilling the Heavenly Vision" by believing and owning the G12 Vision. In his words, "The church can only grow when each member truly believes that the G12 Vision is the way to bring in the multitudes, and acts on it by actively finding and discipling their 12, followed by 144, and eventually 1728."

Indeed, many hearts were truly awakened during this Conference and it is our prayer that they will return to awaken their nations for God! 

Here are the reflections of two of the pastors that attended the Conference:

"This is my second year attending (the International G12 Conference) and this time round, I am truly convicted that I want to find my 144 and I am eager to to spend time praying and acting on the G12 Vision!"
- Pastor Cheong Pui Leng

"One thing that is different (about this year's Conference) as compared to the previous years is that I'm attending as a team pastor, not a network pastor. Serving alongside my husband has enabled me to share with both his and my members on what I received at the Conference. From Pastor Claudia, I caught the importance of doing what is important – and that is prayer. I want to pray for my 144 and Israel."
- Pastor Wendy Eng

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