Empowered21 Conference, Japan (2013)

A team from FCBC, led by our Senior Pastors Lawrence and Nina Khong, together with Deputy Senior Pastor Eugene Seow, Pastors Poh Wee Long and Daniel Khong, and I – Asher Tan, ministry intern, joined over 3,000 Christians in Japan for the first-ever Empowered21 All Japan Conference held in Kyoto from October 11 - 14, 2013.

Many of the local participants who came had a great desire to see revival in the Land of the Rising Sun. That was affirmed in the opening remark made by Empowered21 All Japan Chairperson, Akihiro Mizuno, who said: “I will not die until I see revival [in Japan] with my own eyes.”

Senior Pastor Lawrence, who is also the Co-Chairperson of Empowered21 Asia, opened the Conference by sharing that everyone can experience God’s Overflowing Power through Seeing, Seeking and Seizing the Kingdom of God. As Senior Pastor Lawrence was speaking, we could sense a shift in the spiritual climate as the Holy Spirit began to stir the hearts of the people to believe that they can be used by God to bring forth His Overflowing Power to Japan. This shift was made even more evident when Senior Pastor Lawrence urged the participants to pray for those who were suffering from back problems and other ailments and indeed, many came forward to proclaim their testimonies of healing that they had experienced moments earlier!

Echoing a similar sentiment, Billy Wilson, President of Oral Roberts University and Chairperson of Empowered21 Global shared that he had been “impressed with a deep sense that the Christians in Japan are seeking the power of the Holy Spirit.”

At the end of the Conference, Senior Pastor Lawrence challenged the Japanese churches to be fearless! He shared that fearlessness comes when we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, know that we have the love of the Father, and possess a sober mind. Senior Pastor Lawrence asked what price they were willing to pay to see revival in Japan – were they willing to give up their lives just so others can be saved? We sensed a spirit of breakthrough in the Japanese churches as many took a step of faith in expressing that they would die for the Gospel. It was humbling to witness many Japanese Christians join Senior Pastor Lawrence in letting out a roar of victory as a prophetic act over the salvation of Japan.

Our trip was made even more special by the fact that we managed to connect with the Gideonite team who departed Singapore for Kesennuma City, Japan, less than two months ago. The team, made up of Pastors Caleb and Christina Chan, along with Liu Pek Kuan and Victoria Lim, spent three days on the road just so they could join us at the Conference in Kyoto. We were incredibly excited to hear what God is doing through them and how He is positioning the team for greater conquest!

We thank God for using FCBC to be a great blessing to the nation of Japan. We know that God indeed wants to transform this country into the Land of the Risen Son!

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