FCBC Serves Timor Leste (August, 2013)

Pastor Catherine Foo, a beloved pastor who is most passionate in serving the nations, departed Singapore on August 10, 2013 together with Julie Teo and Low Hong Sang for a three-year mission venture in Viqueque, Timor Leste.

Viqueque is a Catholic-based city in Timor Leste, however animistic practices, ancestral worship and witch doctors are rampant. Since 2005, FCBC has been sending mission troops regularly to render help and support. In 2008, FCBC set up a missions base in Viqueque to run various programmes for four adopted villages – Bibileo, Lugasa, Fatudere and Luca. Through the work of past mission troops and ministry staff supporting the missions base, seeds have been sown and relationships have been established with the locals living in these villages.

Now, the goal of this three-year mission is not only to reach out to the locals and evangelise, but more importantly, to lend support in building up the local church, Christian Vision Church, which was set up by a Brazilian missionary. With the knowledge and skills FCBC has equipped them with, to gather like-minded Christians and train and disciple them to start cells in each of the four adopted villages. Even if it means knocking door-to-door, the trio is determined to WIN, CONSOLIDATE, DISCIPLE and SEND for Christ!

The name “Viqueque” means “Water Bracelet” – appropriate as the city is abundant in rivers and streams, which from afar looks like several water bracelets. Likewise, the team’s ultimate vision for Viqueque is for the district to be transformed into a place where “Living Waters Will Flow”.

Join us in praying for the team:

  • Acclimatise to the weather, living conditions and culture at a rapid pace
  • The team will pick up the language quickly and speak confidently, such that a language barrier will not exist.
  • Safety and protection from physical and spiritual harm and favour with the local Catholic church.
  • Unity within the team
  • The locals in Viqueque will be receptive to the Word and opportunities to evangelise will be aplenty.

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