1986 Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) was established by Reverend Lawrence Khong.
1988 FCBC became a cell group church.
1990 The Holy Spirit visited the church powerfully one Sunday in March. The church became sensitive and moved in the things of the Spirit from then.
1991 TOUCH Equipping Stations System (TESS), the comprehensive training programme was started to provide training for believers and pastoral staff. FCBC launched the first International Conference on Cell Group Churches (ICCGC).
1992 TOUCH Community Services was officially registered as a charitable organisation to provide community-based services to strengthen the family and develop the individual. It was founded by FCBC in 1986.
1993 Touch Centre, FCBC’s first celebration centre with a seating capacity of 1,600 was opened.
1994 FCBC had a greater challenge to take the cities for God through strategic-level spiritual warfare.
1995 Vision 2001 was revealed to FCBC and churches in the LoveSingapore movement to see the nation of Singapore know the love and lordship of Jesus.
1996 FCBC mobilised 1,200 of its members into the mission fields for two weeks to model the cell life church in over ten countries. It also celebrated its tenth year of existence and Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong led the first 40-day fast to build stronger relationships and have greater effectiveness in the ministry.
1997 Touch Community Theatre was inaugurated as a second place of celebration, with a direct video link to Touch Centre. That year, we launched the LoveSingapore Fund as the umbrella for churches in Singapore to help those affected by the Asian Economic Crisis.
1999 FCBC multiplied tremendously with a 79% increase in cells and some 3,000 conversions. FCBC also participated in the Carlos Annacondia Rally, which witnessed an attendance of 100,000 and some 5,000 salvations and healings.
2000 Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong was commissioned as an Apostle by Dr Peter Wagner of the International Coalition of Apostles. FCBC ventured into the media ministry to reclaim this industry for Jesus Christ.
2001 FCBC was part of the LoveSingapore churches Seven-Wave Harvest. Thousands came to know the Lord. Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong launched an evangelistic magic-musical, Magic of Love, which was attended by 40,000 people.
2002 FCBC transitioned into a Government of 12 (G12) cell church. The G12 movement, founded by Pastor César Castellanos, is a strategy for winning the world through evangelism and discipleship. Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong was commissioned to be a member of Pastor César’s International G12.
2003 FCBC successfully transitioned itself into a full-fledged G12 cell church by meeting our target of 1,728 leaders each for our men and women networks. We witnessed 943 baptisms in our church services - the largest number in the history of FCBC in any one year.
2004 The Lord birthed a new dream for FCBC, and with that came a new vision. God is calling FCBC to serve the nations by planting and building apostolic faith communities of disciple-makers for Jesus through the establishment of cutting edge ministries in gateway cities.
2005 Immediately we started serving the nations - we helped rebuild Sri Lanka and Aceh communities devastated by the tsunami and organised mission trips to Timor Leste. Back home, we baptised over 900 converts.
2006 Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in this Year of Celebration, the various G12 networks collaborated to serve the nations in the ASEAN region, as well as China, Hong Kong, Japan, and TImor Leste. On the home front, FCBC continued to grow at the fifth International G12 Conference and various harvest events - Good Friday, the Ultraviolet Concert, the inaugural Family Festival, and the Magic of Love at Christmas.
2007 We proclaimed the Year of Victory as we saw a breakthrough in the marketplace with new prayer points established in prominent places, including the Central Business District, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, and Toa Payoh. GKidz held their first-ever Sanctification Camp for Barnabas Club that strengthened the children’s love and faith for God. A new cutting-edge outreach campaign called “100K Blessing” saw over 5,000 members rise up to bless a total of 108,835 people in Singapore.
2008 2008 was FCBC’s Year of Sabbath, that helped us draw even closer to God. God wanted the FCBC family to experience “Intimacy”, “Interdependence”, and “Integration” in our Sabbath rest. During this period, many ministries grew stronger in membership and in faith – such as GKidz, YouthNet, and the Deaf Ministry. The Dialect Ministry also saw a renewal in passion to reach out to loved ones and friends that spoke dialects. The success of Gateway Entertainment’s mega-magic and theatre production, MAGICBOX – achieved 94.8% ticket sales, which validated God’s vision for FCBC members to be leaders in their respective marketplaces.
2009 2009 saw FCBC reaching out to the multitudes with the year’s theme of “Loving Our Neighbour”. Outreach programmes such as the 100K Blessing and Banquet of Honour were implemented. GKidz and YouthNet also saw record numbers of first-time visitors. Another significant development was the launch of Faith Community Bible School (FCBS), which aimed to better equip leaders and members for the marketplace.
2010 “Project X - Cell Multiplication” was the vision for the year, which also saw the launch of a vibrant new service called Teens Xcite that had an attendance of more than 1,000 youths at its first service.
2011 2011, the Year of His Empowerment, marked the beginning of a new era, as FCBC moved from Singapore EXPO’s MAX Pavilion to our celebration centres at Touch Centre and Touch Community Theatre. In tandem with our 25th anniversary of paying tribute to God’s blessings, FCBC became the first church in Singapore to endow a bursary fund - the FCBC Bursary Fund, with Nanyang Technological University. To end off the year, FCBC moved onto a new platform, successfully launching its mobile app for Apple and Android devices.
2012 2012 was a turning point for FCBC as we were called to a life of Extreme Discipleship. The most significant event was 40 Days of Extreme Prayer where weekly services were closed for 40 days to realign FCBC with God through unceasing prayer. Through this, the 24/7 Prayer Tower was birthed to encourage members to engage in non-stop prayer and intercession. The church reopened on our 26th Anniversary, which was termed our “First Anniversary”, to celebrate and usher in a new beginning. In December, FCBC marked a milestone in Marine Parade’s history with a Christmas light-up celebration that lit nearly half a kilometre of Marine Parade’s streets.
2013 2013, the year of RE-Visioning, was an exciting season for FCBC that reminded us to have “singleness of heart and action”. To seek clarification on the parameters FCBC was allowed to operate as a church, we brought the case of compensating a dismissed pregnant FCBC staff who had an adulterous affair with an ex-colleague to the High Court for a judicial review of the Ministry’s decision. FCBC launched the Gideonite Training Programme and sent out two church-planting teams to Japan and Timor Leste. 2013 was the year FCBC walked by faith to rise up as one faith community.
2014 In 2014, the call was issued to Arise, Shine for the Lord, and embark on a journey of faith. This was exemplified through FCBC members’ dedication to the Touch Community Theatre Rebuilding Project. By December 2014, over $23 million was raised. In November, FCBC expanded to host our services at FCBC Suntec, in Suntec Convention Centre. On the international front, our Gideonite team planted the first overseas branch church, FCBC Sendai, in Japan.
2015 The year 2015 marked Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, and together with 51,000 believers, we celebrated 50 wonderful years of nationhood at the Jubilee Day of Prayer in July. Continuing on our journey of faith, we decided to bring our FCBC Building Fund collection to a close after about two years. We also launched two new ministries - Marketplace Ministry and ACE League (Gambling Addiction Ministry), and our Missionaries For A Day campaign to equip and empower FCBC to shine for Christ.
2016 In 2016, we celebrated FCBC’s 30th anniversary and our Deputy Senior Pastor, Reverend Daniel Khong, defined FCBC’s vision and specific goals for the next ten years: Make Disciples, Plant Churches, and Transform Communities. In our quest to gather 1,728 cells, we held mass immersion sessions where all 144 and 1,728 leaders applied the blood of Christ over their lives and immersed themselves seven times as a prophetic act of spiritual cleansing and empowerment. In August, we held our first service at the new Gateway Theatre.
2017 FCBC Yokohama was planted in April. In May, we hosted the Empowered21 Asia Congress. We officially opened Gateway Theatre to the public in July, and staged a special rendition of “The Nutcracker” there later in the year.
2018 May was our inaugural missions-focused month. In October, we hosted PraySingapore at the National Stadium. Later in the month, our pastoral staff underwent 幸福小组 training, a cell group model that was set to launch churchwide in 2019.
2019 In 2019, Reverend Daniel Khong and Pastor Serene Tang were installed as Senior Pastor and Deputy Senior Pastor of FCBC. We adopted 幸福小组 as our primary strategy for cell evangelism and launched two successful waves. We also mobilised the entire church for Celebration of Hope, the largest Christian gathering in Singapore in decades, and anchored the final night of the four-day long event.
2020 We proclaimed that 2020 would be a season for us to go to infinity and beyond, little did we know that our faith would be put to the test. COVID-19 changed our approach to church and these changes will be with us for quite a while to come. This year has been a reminder from God to all of us that He is able to do infinitely more than we might ever ask or think.

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