General Equipping

FCBC Equipping Level 1

Objective: To equip new believers on the basics of the Christian faith.


  1. What is a Vision
  2. Principles of G12
  3. One True God
  4. Salvation at the Cross
  5. The God who Hears our Prayers
  6. The God who Guides Us
  7. Loving God’s Word
  8. Quiet Time
  9. Understanding the Spiritual World
  10. Victory through Jesus
  11. A Spirit-filled Life
  12. I love XFXZ
  13. The Blessed Church

Bible Study Made Easy

Objective: To help participants attain basic awareness of the Bible – for instance, the order of the Old and New Testament, origins of the Bible, basic understanding of Bible versions, common Bible resources, and helpful handles in reading the Bible. The aim is to start them off on a journey to read the Bible regularly and do simple Bible study using the Observation, Interpretation, Application (OIA) method.

Hearing The Voice Of God


  1. To bring awareness to believers that everyone can hear God speaking to them.
  2. To practise listening to God speak and to be sensitive to His voice as they seek Him and walk with Him.
  3. To be accountable to their leader by sharing what they sense or hear from the Lord in their journey of life, and accepting guidance where necessary.

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