Special People Ministry

Special People Ministry (SPM) was launched in 1989. The ministry comprises of the deaf, the intellectually-challenged, people with physical disabilities, and the visually-impaired.

Mission Statement

We seek to fulfil God’s purpose by creating an inclusive environment where the deaf and people with disabilities have the freedom to worship God. We believe in developing the gifts of every member to his/her full potential in Jesus Christ within a vision and value-driven environment and God-centred community.

Why Reach Out to People with Disabilities?

They are God's Creation
The deaf and people with disabilities are like everyone else, they are God’s created beings.

It is a Biblical Mandate
There is a biblical mandate that we do not prefer one to the other. In the heart of God, there is no exclusion of our counterparts with disabilities. The deaf and people with disabilities are also gifted by the Spirit to be disciples and disciple-makers in the Church. Everyone is called to support the poor, the needy, and the weak.

Testimonies of our Volunteers

I have been with SPM for about 12 years now. I was at a service when I was touched by what I saw. Most of them were in wheelchairs. One of them was old and had tubes in the nose. A sister was busy with them, arranging them to sit in neat rows while chatting with them, smiling at all times. I thought I could do that too, holding someone's hand, comforting him or her, it was so simple. I saw a recruitment advertisement for volunteers for SPM in the bulletin and I was "recruited".

Joanna, the sister whom I saw at the service, taught me all that I need to know, from pushing wheelchairs, guiding the visually-impaired, to at a later stage, leading a large group in worshipping and sharing the Word. I thank God for His grace that He has chosen me to be a part of His ministry.

- Annie Lim (Richard & Jenny Ong Team)

I enjoy serving in SPM as I can share with a group of men and women who come to service faithfully every week. I see the joy in their eyes as they join in the worship session and I hope to help them grow deeper in the Lord, and help them grow in the Word, so that they are also empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Though they may be physically challenged in some ways, I believe that in God's eyes, they are equally loved. I hope more members will also share the same heart in building and helping out in SPM. I hope that one day, each of them will be confident and spirit-led to be a leader.

- An Li Ming (Patrick & Hilary Pang Team)

In 2005, I received a calling in my heart. I saw that SPM was in need of more volunteers. Thus, I prayed about it and decided to leave the Ushering Team in FCBC, and serve in SPM.

I am not a perfect person, but I had once experienced God's healing in 1999 and I decided to serve other people with the love that He has given me.

To date, I have been serving in SPM for 6 years. Just as what Apostle Paul says in Philippians 4:13, "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

- Andy Lee Heok Her (Cheng Kim Meng & Huey Teng Team)

Be a Volunteer today!

If you wish to volunteer with our Special People Ministry, please fill up our online form.

For more information, please email Pastor Chua Yong Wee at yongwee.chua@fcbc.org.sg or Shirlene Lim at shirlene.lim@fcbc.org.sg.

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