Deaf Ministry

Service for the Deaf

11.15am, Sundays
(Except first Sunday of the month) 

Gateway Theatre, Studio 1 (level 4)

Rev Patrick Koh

Our Deaf Ministry started with less than 10 members and began reaching out to the deaf in 1989. In the year 2000, a celebration service for the deaf was launched and today, there are around 80 children, youth and adults attending our service that is conducted in sign language. Over the years, multimedia tools such as music videos have also been harnessed to enhance the service experience for the congregation consisting of people with different levels of deaf-ness.

We have a range of cell groups to help members and visitors learn and grow in the Lord. Having adopted the G12 Vision together with the church, many of the deaf from the ministry have attended the annual conferences, encounter weekends and School of Leaders’ training. Besides cell groups and celebration services, the deaf also actively participated in outreach activities such as overseas mission trips to places like Malaysia and Indonesia to share the gospel with the local deaf.

Although there are no official figures indicating the number of deaf in Singapore, a conservative estimate using a prevalence rate of 1% to the total population (about 5 million in 2010) would mean that there are 5,000 deaf in the country. Around the world, there are approximately 364 million deaf. (Source: Network for Strategic Missions)

Do you have a heart for this group of people? If you wish to reach out to the deaf and want to learn more about the Deaf Ministry, please email Rev Patrick Koh at


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