Prison Ministry

Setting Prisoners and their Families Free

FCBC's Prison Ministry was set up on 8 October 2000. This ministry began when the Chinese Ministry started a Chinese chapel service at Changi Reformative Training Centre in the mid-90s. This evolved to a Chinese cell group of about 15 to 20 inmates. Some years ago, the ministry started a cell church inside Kaki Bukit Centre Prison School. The number of prisoners attending the Sunday chapel services has grown to about 80, and majority is between 16 and 35 years old.

Today, over 100 volunteers led by FCBC have been penetrating the prison's walls to bring God's love and redeeming power to many prisoners. Every week, both English and Chinese services and cell groups are conducted in the prisons. The following signs of revival have been witnessed on many occasions:

Sweet presence of the Holy Spirit; prisoners steeped in occult being delivered; tattooed arms lifted up in worship and surrender; gang leaders kneeling down unashamedly in response; groups of prisoners receiving Christ; small prisoner prayer groups springing up; prisoners' family members coming to know the Lord.

Our Vision

FCBC's Prison Ministry believes that what Satan has meant for evil, God will use it for good. The very prison that Satan has used to hold thousands in bondage will be the very same place that our Heavenly Father will use to set His people free.

The vision is to bring about revival in prisons, which will result in community transformation. When prisoners encounter God, their lives will never be the same again. They will be light to other prisoners and their families, and when released, they will form an army to reach juvenile delinquents, gangsters and secret society members, and reclaim drug hotspots and our streets with the message of God's love and testimonies of their transformed lives.

For enquiries on FCBC's Prison Ministry, please email Pastor Daniel Gan at

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