GKidz Volunteer Recruitment & FAQs

Here at FCBC, we are committed to raising a righteous generation. We believe that each one of our children can arise and shine for Jesus in their family, schools, and areas of influence.

Is God calling you to:

  1. Sharpen CHILDREN as mighty arrows for God?
  2. Lead CHILDREN to win other children and families?
  3. Serve CHILDREN with special needs?

Being equipped empowers you to serve. Check if you’ve met the equipping requirements:

Age Group New Equipping Criteria
David Club LifeClass 1-3
Timothy Club (Ks) LifeClass 1-3
Timothy Club (P1 - P3) LifeClass 1-3
Barnabas Club (P4 - P6) LifeClass 1-3 (Bonus to have completed FCBC Equipping Level 1)
Levites LifeClass 1-3

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If you want to know more about serving in GKidz, read on!

  1. What are the age groups I can choose to serve with?
    You may choose to serve in the following age groups:

    - David Club (18 months – 4 years old)
    - Timothy Club (5 – 9 years old)
    - Barnabas Club (10 – 12 years old)
    Select an age group you are comfortable and enjoy working with.

  2. What is my role? 
    You will lead and disciple a small group of children. We hope you will be able to build friendships with many of them, and be a positive and godly influence in their lives.  
  3. What is my commitment like?
    All GKidz volunteers are committed to serve weekly for at least a year.
  4. Is training provided?
    GKidz provides an induction and orientation programme that occurs at the start of every calendar year. This programme will give you an overview of the ministry and equips you with basic ministry tools and handles in working with children. You will also be further trained as you serve weekly.
  5. Is experience working with children required?
    Not necessary, we believe that you will learn a lot on the job.
  6. What does a GKidz service look like?
    Our GKidz services run concurrently with various main services. Some key ingredients that help make GKidz services fun and engaging include worship, platform-based teaching, and small group time. All GKidz services are conducted in English only. 
  7. What is the kind of group size I can expect to lead?
    The group size varies according to age. However, we like to work on a ratio of 1 adult leader to 5 to 8 children.
  8. Will there be any curriculum or teaching materials provided?
    GKidz will provide age-based, relevant lessons and teaching outlines to guide you in your small group time.
  9. Can I choose to serve in the time slot that I want?
    You can choose to serve at the service or centre that is most convenient for you, subject to availability.
  10. If I am a GKidz parent, can I sign up to volunteer?
    Yes! We love it when parents, especially fathers, choose to serve with us at GKidz. In order for FCBC to raise a righteous generation, we need the help of many godly fathers to come and be positive influences in the lives of our next generation. Please refer to the end of this FAQ to find out who you can contact to get further information on this.
  11. How do I qualify to be a GKidz volunteer?
    All GKidz volunteers must play an active part in a cell community. If you wish to serve at GKidz, we would prefer that you have completed a minimum of LifeClass 3. There is a minimum age requirement: 16 years old for GKidz Small Group Leader at various clubs.

    Upon registering your interest with us to be a volunteer, you will need to participate in an introductory interview with a GKidz Pastor. A simple background check will also be conducted so we are confident that you will be able to help us create a safe, fun, and great environment for our children to learn more about God. Keep in mind that all new volunteers will be required to pass an observation period as well.

  12. If I am passionate about design, can I volunteer my time and skills with GKidz? 
    Yes! GKidz is looking for passionate and creative individuals to volunteer as graphic designers. You will help design and brand our event collaterals. You will also get to be part of our publicity team for marquee GKidz events annually, and will contribute design and branding ideas for our various lesson series and curriculum. 

    If you wish to serve in this area, you will need to be actively involved in a cell group and have completed a minimum of LifeClass 3. Professional or school-based training in graphic design is highly preferred, but not necessary. You should also have an existing portfolio of work to help us find the best fit for you in GKidz.

  13. Are there other roles that I can volunteer to serve as in GKidz?
    We also need volunteers to serve in our registration/logistics team at GKidz. Volunteers are also needed to serve our special needs children. These roles have a different schedule and time commitment.

  14. Who can I contact to get more information about serving in GKidz?
    For general enquiries, please contact the GKidz Admin staff at 6424 9400 or email the GKidz Pastors at GKidz@fcbc.org.sg


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