Worship Ministry

Worship Director: Pastor Daniel Khong
Assistant Worship Director: Pastor Roger Lee

Worship isn't just about singing a song or playing a tune. Worship is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle of devotion and unending praise to God in all that we do. That's what we teach everyone here at FCBC's Worship Ministry.

Our Worship Ministry consists of over 200 volunteers who are part of our various teams of musicians, vocalists, dancers,production crews and the chorale. We believe that it is an honour and privilege that we get to lift up praise to the Lord and draw the congregation into His presence. As always, we're on the lookout for people who are interested in joining our ministry. So if you're passionate about worship and more importantly, God, do apply to join us through our online registration form.

Worship Ministry Recruitment

We are looking for:

  • Musicians (Drummers / Bassists / Pianists / Keyboardists / String Instrumentalists)
  • Vocalists
  • Production Crew (Stage Crew / Stage Managers)
  • Dancers
  • Chorale Members
  • Once you've filled up our online registration form, just sit back, relax and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

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