TGIF Resources 2015

Are you free? This is the question to pose to our pre-believing family and friends this Good Friday. Good Friday is a time when believers gather to commemorate the insurmountable sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. On this special occasion, through a cell-based harvest event titled Thank God I'm Free (TGIF), we hope to transform every home and place where a cell gathers into a touch point for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. On this momentous year of Jubilee when our nation celebrates SG50, let us proclaim freedom into the lives of our pre-believing loved ones!

To go along with this year's theme of freedom, each cell is free to create your very own programme to meet the needs of your guests. Cell leaders, you may download the e-resources below to help you and your cell members to run your own unique TGIF harvest event.

Resource English Chinese
Invite Card Download Download
Prayer Card Download Download
Response Card Download Download
Sample Format of a TGIF Party Download Download
Criteria to run a TGIF Party Download Download
How To Manage Various Responses Download Download
TGIF Children's Engagement Programme Download

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