G12 Conference, Korea (2012)

The G12 Korea Conference 2012 was held at the International Convention Centre Jeju. 

It was well attended by 1,900 delegates all over South Korea. 900 came from mainland Korea while 1,000 were from Jeju. A huge proportion were youths – 1300. This is an astounding figure, as 90% of them are first generation Christians, coming from non-Christian families. This augurs well for the churches participating in this conference as one of the biggest challenge for many Korean churches is to retain youths who grew up in their churches and to reach out to youths outside of the church. 



Dr Kim Sung Hae (wife of Rev Dr Cho Yongghi, President of Hansei University) encouraging the delegates at the conference that the blood of Jesus Christ has the power to transform their lives.

Pastor Choi Jin Sook (wife of Pastor Lee Seung Bang) assembling her direct G12 leaders and their respective leaders and members to illustrate the power of multiplication in the G12 Vision.

Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong preaching at the conference on the importance of the three generations’ ministry and subsequently prayed for the Korean pastors to have a father’s heart. 
(Left to Right) Kim Han Su (Interpreter), Senior Pastors Lawrence and Nina, Pastors Roland Lee and Lai Fun, Pastors Daniel and Serene Khong

Pastor Daniel Khong preaching while Esther Lee (daughter of Pastor Lee Seung Bang) translated for him. He spoke passionately to the youths, who made up the majority of the attendees, at the conference and they responded enthusiastically to the call to step out in faith to become overcomers and conquerors for Jesus! 

Pastor Cesar Castellanos together with his daughter, Sara Castellanos, acknowledging the hard work of the G12 pastors and speakers.

Senior Pastor Lawrence, Pastor Cesar Castellanos and Pastor Lee Seung Bang posing for a group photo with Dr Kim Sung Hae.
(Left to Right) Senior Pastor Lawrence (G12 Asia Coordinator), Pastor Cesar Castellanos (Founder of G12), Dr Kim Sung Hae (President of Hansei University), Pastor Lee Seung Bang (G12 South Korea Coordinator)

Senior Pastors Lawrence and Nina posing for a group photo with all the speakers at the conference.
(Left to Right) Pastor Lee Seung Bang (Senior Pastor, All Nations Church, Jeju, South Korea), Pastor Choi Jin Sook (wife of Pastor Lee Seung Bang), Senior Pastor Nina, Senior Pastor Lawrence, Dr Kim Sung Hae (wife of Rev Dr Cho Yongghi, President of Hansei University), Pastor Cesar Castellanos (Founder of G12), Pastor Sara Castellanos (daughter of Pastor Cesar Castellanos), Pastor Andrew Catano, Pastor Bert Pretorius (Senior Pastor, 3C Ministries, Pretoria, South Africa)

Pastor Cesar Castellanos setting apart and praying for Pastor Lee Seung Bang (together with his family) to be the G12 Coordinator for South Korea at the Strategic Team Meeting which was held immediately after the end of the conference for all the pastors from South Korea.

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