G12 Conference, Thailand (2012)

by Pastor Loke Mun Tai

The G12 Thailand Conference 2012 at Bangkok Liberty Church was indeed an awesome experience! The theme of this particular conference was "Upgrade", which in comparison to last year’s conference, it was indeed. Why? To mention just a few of the highlights:

The various worship sessions were wonderful and inspiring. Interspersed among the worship sessions were various entertaining performances by the local church and foreign artistes that truly made this conference a truly memorable one! From the active participation of all the delegates, we could tell that they were really soaking in the awesome atmosphere with great fervour and enthusiasm!

A rousing worship from the worship team of Bangkok Liberty Church

Pastor Carlo, his youth is no hindrance to engaging with the pastors and leaders in Bangkok.

We also had enthralling speakers that never failed to inspire the people! At this year’s conference, we were delivered various impactful messages from Bishop Oriel and Pastor Leo Carlo Panlilio from Philippines, Pastor Johnny Touzet from Mexico and our very own Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong from Singapore. Some impressed with their candidness, others through their testimonies and their dynamism and not forgetting the magic tricks performed by Senior Pastor Lawrence. I can only sum up that the people were feasted with a treat that nourished both their soul and sight. Personally, a message that stood out for me was the message by Pastor Johnny Touzet on the need to account to the Lord for our ministry as illustrated by the Apostle Paul’s consuming desire “to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me…” (Acts 20:24). Aside from that, Pastor Johnny also exhorted us that our ministry is like a crown we present before the Lord.

Bishop Oriel, inspiring the participants with the first message of the conference.

Pastor Johnny Touzet, the Mexican revelation to the conference!

Senior Pastor Lawrence, delivering a powerful 
message on the presence of God.

Senior Pastor Anuparp, always so involved and inspiring!

Last but not least, the hosting church, Bangkok Liberty Church, gamely led by Senior Pastor Anuparp, his wife Pastor Weena and their church staff and members, greeted us with a cordial service that was truly par excellence! Be it the warm hospitality shown to the different foreign delegates, the sumptuous lunches provided or the prompt attention to our various needs, I have only one comment - WELL DONE! Although the Thais are known to be very hospitable people, yet the level of service and hospitality displayed by Bangkok Liberty Church only displays the extent to which the church has caught the G12 Vision, for they are ever so prepared to let their actions register their belief.

Praise God for His incredible work in Thailand, particularly Bangkok! Thank God that the G12 Vision that has been fanned through this nation has only grown stronger and brighter! Keep up the good work! EXCELENTE!

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