G12 Conference, Korea (2013)

Senior Pastor Nina Khong, Pastors Daniel and Serene Khong, Pastor Hilary Pang, youth ministry staff, Charmaine Cheong, and I - Pastor Patrick Pang are currently at the G12 Korea Conference 2013. During the opening session, we witnessed a crowd of over 3,000 people from all parts of Korea hungry and crying out for more of the Lord! As they worshipped wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, I could literally feel the ground shaking! I kid you not! 

The vice-governor of Jeju Island and Pastor Kim Sung Hae, wife to Pastor Cho Yonggi, delivered the opening address. They prayed that every speaker would receive God's empowerment to breathe His Breath of Life and revive and restore every single delegate present at the Conference.

Unfortunately, as Pastor Cesar Castellanos was down with an ear and nose infection that would be aggravated by air travel and cabin pressure, he could not be present. In his place, he sent Pastor Douglas Vergera, one of his 12, to minister at this Conference. Pastor Vergera delivered an anointed message on the "Revelation of the Cross". He shared that as with Elijah's confrontation with the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18, we should desire God's glory and presence to be manifested in every situation of our life. 

Having been invited to speak at the Conference, Senior Pastor Nina shared on what it means to "Breathe Your Destiny". Her powerful and anointed message issued a challenge to the Christians of South Korea to live their destiny after receiving God's Breath of Life into their lives, believing that through them the nation of South Korea will rise up as a powerful instrument of God!

Indeed, through G12 Korea Conference 2013, we are expecting God to stir up a new work in the cell churches in South Korea this season! 


Closing session where we as foreign pastors, prayed for every single Korean pastor. They in turn prayed for the delegates who came forward seeking to receive breakthroughs in their lives.

Senior Pastor Nina sharing on what it means to "Breathe Your Destiny".

Senior Pastor Nina issuing a challenge to the Christians of South Korea to live their destiny after receiving God's Breath of Life into their lives.

Pastor Kim Sung Sae delivering the opening address.

Pastor Daniel Khong sharing on the "Three-Generational Ministry".

Pastor Art Sepulveda sharing passionately on "Awakening the Vision".

Pastor Andrew Catano sharing on the qualities from 2 Peter 1:5-8 that will make you a successful G12 leader.

Pastor Richard Witmer sharing on the topic: "I was born for this" which encouraged us to take up God's calling in faith just as Queen Esther did.

Conference delegates worshipping the Lord with passion and enthusiasm.

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