Senior Pastors In Taiwan (2013)

Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong is currently in Taiwan together with Senior Pastor Nina, Gateway Entertainment's Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Ow, and Pastor Eugene Tan. Our Senior Pastors left such a lasting impression with key Taiwan Pastors during their visit last month that it came as no surprise when a second invitation to return to Taiwan soon followed. 

Besides strengthening ties and building further bridges with the pastors of Taiwan, our Senior Pastors have also been invited as celebrity guests to be interviewed by Good TV – Taiwan's first Christian television broadcast station whose programmes are aired throughout Asia. Senior Pastor Lawrence has also been invited to star as one of the guests on Good TV's popular talk show "True Love Blog". 

Similar to the previous trip, the team will be actively discussing and collaborating with church leaders to explore more opportunities to introduce and share Christmas Magic to the people of Taiwan. 

Watch this space for news, pictures and updates as our Senior Pastors serve the nations in Taiwan! Together, let's uphold them and the team in prayer! 

News Flash!

A Fruitful Sunday
July 14, 2013

9.15am: Senior Pastor Lawrence arrives for Good News Church's (佳音教会) service at Taipei University of Technology. Upon arrival, he heads backstage immediately for preparation of his sermon and routines.

9.40am: Renowned Taiwanese pop duo, Power Station (动力火车), is spotted rehearsing on stage.

10.00am: The service commences with worship, and Power Station (动力火车) ministers in songs. After worship, Christmas Magic's trailer is screened.

Senior Pastor Lawrence takes the stage. He starts by performing several illusions such as "Lemon Trick", "Colour Changing Silk" and "Linking Rings", followed by an evangelistic message illustrated with the "Light Bulb Illusion". He ends with an altar call where more than 30 people responded to the call for salvation.

The service ends and Senior Pastor Lawrence, together with the team, heads back to the hotel to rest and prepare for an evangelistic meeting held later in the evening at Change Life Church (江子翠行道会).  

5.20pm: The team is hosted to dinner by Pastor Zhang Zhen, senior pastor of Change Life Church (江子翠行道会), and his wife.

6.45pm: Senior Pastor Lawrence arrives at Change Life Church (江子翠行道会) and proceeds backstage to prepare for his sermon and routines, while Senior Pastor Nina is ushered to the VIP room.

The service commences and the auditorium is packed. To make room for more people, Pastor Zhang encouraged children to sit on the floor at the front.

8.05pm: After an introduction by Pastor Zhang and the screening of Christmas Magic's trailer, Senior Pastor Lawrence takes the stage. He begins with mesmerising illusions, which wowed the congregation who found the illusions thoroughly entertaining. Senior Pastor Lawrence followed by preaching an evangelistic sermon illustrated with the "Light Bulb Illusion". The closing altar call had close to 40 responses to the call for salvation. Praise the Lord for a fruitful day!

9.25pm: The service comes to an end. The team packs up and heads back to the hotel.

Jonathan Ow,
Deputy CEO, Gateway Entertainment

A Bountiful Harvest
July 13, 2013

 The team is picked up by our Taiwanese agents, Stephen Ling Hong Xiu and his wife, Wen Xiang, and brought to Sheraton Hotel for lunch with Pastor Brian Liu and his wife, senior pastors of Shilin Bread of Life Christian Church. Joining us at the table were Tony Tseng Guo Shen, CEO of Good TV, and his wife, where we discussed topics such as Christmas Magic 2013 in Taipei, VISION's preview show and the evening's evangelistic show at Shilin Bread of Life Christian Church.

2.45pm: The team returns to the hotel where Senior Pastor Lawrence rests and prepares for the evening's evangelistic show.

2.50pm: Pastor Eugene Tan, the Taiwanese agents and myself discuss and finalise the arrangements for today, as well as for Sunday. We also discussed and confirmed the details in anticipation of Christmas Magic 2013 to be held from 28 November 2013 to 1 December 2013 in Taipei.

4.15pm: Pastor Eugene Tan, Colin of Gateway Entertainment, and myself return to the hotel to prepare the routines, props and schedules required for the evening's evangelistic show.

Senior Pastor Lawrence arrives at Shilin Bread of Life Christian Church. He heads backstage to prepare for the routines to be presented shortly. While there, several friends came to welcome and pay their greetings to Senior Pastor Lawrence.

The evangelistic show begins!

 After the screening of Christmas Magic's trailer and upon introduction by Pastor Brian Liu, Senior Pastor Lawrence takes the stage to present four enchanting illusions, followed by an evangelistic message illustrated with the "Light Bulb Illusion" and ends with an altar call. The congregation was mesmerised by the illusions and touched by the message of the gospel that they responded actively to the call for salvation. There were close to 20 salvations recorded.
9.10pm: The evangelistic show comes to a close and the team, exhausted but pleased, packs up and heads back to the hotel.

Jonathan Ow,
Deputy CEO, Gateway Entertainment

Fresh off the Press
July 13, 2013

The evangelistic show at Shilin Bread of Life Christian Church came to a successful close with a total of 18 cards submitted in response to the invitation to know Christ, and this number does not include the salvations from the 400-odd congregation in the overflow hall. Put together with number of pre-believers that raised their hands or came forward but did not manage to fill out a response card, I'm sure it was a mighty harvest! 

I thank God that all in the congregation were so appreciative and welcoming of Senior Pastor Lawrence's evangelistic messages tonight. Thank you as well, dear FCBC family, for partnering us in prayer! 

Senior Pastor Nina Khong

July 13, 2013

Senior Pastor Lawrence and I are currently serving the nations in Taipei. Praise God that in spite of Typhoon Soulik's abrupt visit at 3.00am earlier this morning, we are not under the weather at all. He is truly our sun and shield!

The brunt of Typhoon Soulik's impact was south of Taipei, and although those living in low-lying areas of Taipei had to be evacuated, we were relatively unscathed. 

Thank you dear FCBC family for your prayers for us! We are just about to embark on our events for the day and looking out from our window, I see bright, clear skies - definitely not overcast! Continue to pray that nothing will deter the invited guests and friends from attending tonight's evangelistic show!

Do continue to pray for us as we head off for our lunch meeting with Pastor Brian Liu and other pastors in his network. Also, as Senior Pastor Lawrence will be performing at tonight's evangelistic show at Shilin Bread of Life Christian Church, pray for open and ready hearts to acknowledge Jesus as Lord!

God bless you,
Senior Pastor Nina Khong

A Day with Media!
July 12, 2013

The team arrives at Good TV station. Senior Pastor Lawrence proceeds straight for his make-up and meets show host Li Jin Yu for a short brief. Senior Pastor Lawrence autographs books for all guests on the programme talk show "True Love Blog".

Senior Pastor Lawrence enters the studio and begins to converse with the host as the talk show commences. At the same time, the studio producers request for short interviews with Senior Pastor Nina, Pastor Eugene Tan and myself, held just outside the studio.

11.10am: Talk show with Senior Pastor Lawrence is ongoing.

11.15am: The producer, Bonnie Sun, begins her interview with Senior Pastor Nina.

11.45am: An announcement is made that Typhoon Soulik will hit Taiwan soon, and all schools and government offices are to officially stop work at 2.00pm.

Senior Pastor Lawrence and Nina meet the CEO of Good TV, Tony Tseng Guo Shen and John Mulinde, a missionary from Uganda, for a discussion. Senior Pastor Lawrence takes the opportunity to pray and bless both men.

12.45pm: The team arrives at TOP Church for a tour of their new premises that is able to seat up to 2,000 people. The team is warmly received by Senior Pastor Zhang Mao Song for lunch, which follows with an in-depth discussion on how Gateway Entertainment and TOP Church could work together to support Christmas Magic. Senior Pastor Zhang agrees to help wherever possible.

2.30pm: The team arrives at the office of marketing and communications giant, Ogilvy & Mather, Taiwan, to meet its Chairman, Joseph Pai, and personally invite him to the gala premiere of VISION in September. The team also discusses the possibility of collaborating with Oglivy & Mather, Taiwan, for the promotion of VISION.

Senior Pastor Lawrence kicks off another interview with the Dandelion Hope Foundation. The interview is slated to be published in its newspapers called "Christian Daily".

6.30pm: The interview ends and the team heads for dinner before retiring for the night in anticipation of Typhoon Soulik.

Jonathan Ow,
Deputy CEO, Gateway Entertainment


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