LoveTimor and Beyond in Viqueque


Community work identified in our adopted villages and other potential villages include:

Refurbishing existing schools

Distributing mosquito nets

Conducting talks on mosquito control

Repairing wells

We seek to undertake projects identified by the village heads and to carry them out in partnership with the villagers themselves.

Youth Centre In Viqueque

Building on the good response and favour with the Youth Wing leaders through our inaugural centre programmes held in December 2006, we hope to send regular teams to continue running similar programmes such as teaching conversational English and computer skills for them.

The Youth Centre will be the key hub where our teams can meet the youths and establish strong and impactful relationships with them, the local authorities and the community. Concurrently, the youths can acquire useful skills and find a sense of purpose in life. It can also help foster good relationship with the district government as a result of running a successful Youth Centre in that area.

Future Youth Centre Activities:

Computer Classes: To provide more computers and parts to augment the current two working sets.

English Classes: To purchase and set up a small resource library of English language learning materials which the students can use for self-study in between our team visits.

Music Classes: To purchase new instruments needed such as drums, guitars and keyboards.

Refurbishment of current Youth Centre: To give the poorly-maintained Centre a spring cleaning and a new coat of paint with replacement of new doors and windows, and provision of other badly-needed classroom furniture such as chairs and whiteboards.


We hope to see the economic development of Timor-Leste take off by attracting business people to visit and invest in the country.

We also hope to introduce possible micro-credit loans to serve as seed money towards financing simple agricultural projects such as chicken/egg farming or other business ventures in Viqueque.


FCBC’s proposed forward plans:

  1. The seeds planted by the various teams we had sent over the last two-and-a-half years had reaped favour upon us and lives for the Lord. In view of this and the possible changes in Timor-Leste’s political climate, we recognise the need to step up our commitment towards transforming the nation.
  2. We endeavour to make a greater level of commitment in:
    • Undertaking stronger publicity efforts to recruit more FCBC members to be involved in short-term trips there.
    • Building a core team of leaders from all networks to lead teams into Viqueque bimonthly (every two months).
    • Adopting villages in each of the five sub-districts of Viqueque

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