20/20 Vision

Dear family,

Christmas has come and gone. Let’s focus on the upcoming year ahead. In these remaining few days of 2019, I’d like to challenge all of us to take stock of this past year and anticipate how your spiritual vision will be in 2020.

As you think about that, I’d like to introduce you to Bartimaeus, a blind beggar with 20/20 spiritual vision, whose encounter with Jesus was recorded for us in Mark 10:46-52. The Bible tells us that Bartimaeus was begging by the roadside when our Lord Jesus was leaving Jericho together with a large crowd. As Jesus passed by, Bartimaeus shouted out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

From this excerpt, we can see how Bartimaeus demonstrated his clear spiritual sight. Despite being blind, he saw Jesus clearly for who He is. When he called out, “Son of David” (a hugely significant Messianic title), it showed that he understood what the Old Testament had promised – that the ultimate Saviour of humanity whom God would send would be a descendant of King David. Bartimaeus recognised that Jesus was the long-awaited Deliverer, the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies.

Bartimaeus also clearly knew what he needed from Jesus. Unlike James and John, who were jostling for a better position as described in the earlier verses, Bartimaeus didn’t want status or prestige. All he needed was physical sight. And with his spiritual sight, he called out and caught Jesus’ attention, and was granted physical sight!

Dear church, how is your spiritual vision? How is your understanding of the cross? Is your faith about how much you can get out of it or how much you can serve? Do you see clearly who Jesus is and what you most need? At the heart of 20/20 spiritual vision is the ability to see clearly what we most need – mercy, forgiveness and grace. Bartimaeus was granted physical sight as a testament to his spiritual sight. I pray that in the new year, we will seek clear spiritual vision from God. Let our lives become living testimonies of His grace and favour upon each of us.  

- Apostolic Overseer Nina Khong

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