No Price We Cannot Pay Only Value We Cannot See

Celebration of Hope commences this coming Friday at the National Stadium. This is the result of at least two years of united prayer, hundreds of hours of tireless planning and coordination, millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of believers mobilised to invite pre-believers. We are believing God for a bumper harvest. We are declaring that the spiritual climate over Singapore will change. Celebration of Hope will be the beginning of a spiritual revival in this nation.

Is it worth all that money and effort? The answer is a resounding “YES”!

First, because this is the only mandate given to the church of Jesus Christ – to make disciples of our nation and all nations. It is the ultimate goal of every disciple. Bible study, persistent prayer, anointed worship and holy living are all for the purpose of making us effective disciples of Christ. If a Christian is not leading people to Christ regularly, he or she is not a true disciple of Christ.

Second, we need to understand the value of a soul. Jesus said in Matthew 16:26, “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” This verse tells us that the value of one soul is worth all the wealth in the world. Soul winners are the wealthiest people on earth. Proverbs 11:30 also says, “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.”

FCBC, I know you have worked hard praying and inviting your pre-believing family and friends to the coming Celebration of Hope. Press on! Your labour is not in vain in the Lord. Remember: There is no price we cannot pay; only value we cannot see.

- Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong

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