One Step Ahead

We’re just two weeks away from the G12 Asia Conference and I’ve been taking some time to think through this year’s theme, “Back to the Start”. Perhaps some of us may feel like this is something regressive as it’s about going backwards. But I don’t believe so.

See, we often want new things in life. We want the newest things on the market, the newest experiences, and so on. When things don’t go our way, we want a clean slate or a new beginning. We see people leaving jobs to start somewhere new and we even see people moving to other countries or cities just to start afresh.

But what if God deliberately wants us to go back to the start? The reason we often want a clean slate is because we want to leave the messiness of our past behind. We want to move on and have a new beginning. Now, what if I told you that desiring a new beginning could actually be a form of escapism? Yes, we want to move on from the ruins of our past but perhaps God may want to bring you back to that place and show you that he can bring new life to it.

Today, God wants you to know that He is sovereign yesterday, today, and forevermore. We don’t have to constantly be on the run from our past or setbacks. God wants to bring you back to that place not for you to revisit history, but so you can see that He has always been one step ahead. He is your guide. If you’re struggling with ruins in your life today, I want to bless you with the chorus to this beautiful song.

Let the ruins come to life,
In the beauty of Your Name.
Rising up from the ashes,
God forever You reign.
And my soul will find refuge,
In the shadow of Your wings.
I will love You forever,
And forever I’ll sing.

- Deputy Senior Pastor Daniel Khong

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